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Military Band, De Limburgse Jagers, NL

Source: Limburg Hunters page.

The first Commander, the very traditional Colonel Antoni, also took the initiative to establish a band in 1951, the afterwards so famous Tamboer-en Fanfarekorps Limburgse Jagers from Roermond and later Venlo. It could draw on the large number of musicians of the Limburg and Brabant music associations, whose conscripts were only too happy to fulfill their military service with their hobby, music. In this item we give attention not only to this corps but also to the so-called Crescent Wind Band and the Fanfare Corps in Seedorf. Another block is devoted to the Reunion Christmas Limburg Jagers. It covers many music media, from EP, LP, music cassette to CDs and DVDs.
The Limburg Jagers Drum and Bugle Corps was composed of three professionals and conscripts, mostly from the Limburg Harmony and Fanfare world. The corps was immensely popular through its many concerts, tours of cities and tattoo's . Participation in the quadrennial World Music Contest in Kerkrade, where first prizes were won, but also radio performances and the Limburg Jager Mars, participation in Tattoo Delft, NATO Musikfest der Nationen in Mönchengladbach are some of the activities of the Corps. Special were also the performances in La Courtine in central France in the period 1959-1964, when Dutch troops practiced there during the summer months. Unfortunately in 1967, despite large protests in Limburg, the Corps was disbanded due to budget cuts.

At the founding of the Regiment, which consists of the 2nd, 6th and 11th Regiments Infantry , the well-known Manoeuvre March by Kapellmeister P.A.Stenz of the 6th Regiment was assigned to the Regiment as a Defileermars by Army Order. However, the in 1958 composed and textual Limburg Jagermars of the music instructor Sergeant-Major Jochems soon became the most popular march. It is performed on many occasions and sung along by the attending (former) members and active servicemen, but also in the "Limburg" by the population.

Text of the Limburg Hunting Song:

We are of the Regiment, 't which is called the Limburg Hunters
Of our emblem Symbol of strength , we are very proud bearers
We march through the streets, of our beautiful Limburg country
And are proud to serve, for King and Fatherland

Fanfare Corps 1990 in Vaals, Netherlands, with Elnt Hendriks, Sgt maj Schoonhoven and Tamboer Maitre Vonk
This footage is from the NATO Tattoo in Kaiserslautern, Germany
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