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Film images from ealier Yaers Part 1

Film images from ealier Years: Part 1

National Band of New Zealand  1978   New Zealand
Largo Band of Gold  1978   USA
Continal Airlaines Auckland  1981  New Zealand
Golden Rams Canada
Einige Filmbilder von 1985
Rijnmond Band  The Netherlands

I have a nice contact with Tony Cowal via email, and sent him the 1978 film of the WMC, which he loved.

The National Band from 1978 last 4 months on tour of more than 80 public performances including performances on the Canadian Exhibition, the Los Angeles Country Fair, a concert tour through North America, Great Britain and the Netherlands, withthe higlight the World Music Concourse in Kerkrade.
At thisevent, the National Band or New Zealand received 3 Gold Medals with Distinction, the highest nubers ever rewarded.  
Points : 96-94-95 .
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