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Ernst Mosch

Ernst Mosch was born on november 7th 1925 in Zwodau by Falkenau in Egerland
He stole the harts of many folk music lovers with his " Original Egerländer musicians.
Millions of people were his and his orchestra , as they say in Germany "Begeistert ", he made his own swinging sound..
There fore now running in 42 countries, more than 40 million LP's and CD's from him,.
29 golden, platinum and diamond LP's reflect his grand succes, not to mention the many CD's he made with his  Original Egerländer Musicians.

In one of his TV intervieuws in the video " Ein Leben für die Blasmusik "he says, Meine Musik ist mein Leben, Ich brauche sie wie das tächliche Brot und deshalp setze ich mir keinen schlußpunkt, das macht ein Änderer".

Thus began his career in music.
When Ernst Mosch was 8 years old he started playing music by the "Falkenauer folksband "Dotzauer"
The folksmusic stole his heart, and his favorite instrument is the trombone.
After the end of his school, he was glad he could go to the long-awaited  Städtische Musikschule in Oelsnitz in Voightland.

Then comes the labor and the wartime.
In 1945 he gets injured in Breslau and went to hospital as a 19-Year-old.
During the last days of the war, he leaves for Beieren with his trombone.
In the days after the war, Ernst Mosch played in American clubs and then in the " Hamburger Rundfunkorchester "

In 1951 Erwin Lehn to play as 1st trombonist in the  "Südfunk - Tanzorchester.
One day he ask his fellow musicians ( most of then came from the same country as him ) to play 5 of his arrengementen with him.
These 5 titels are about the "Stuttgarter Sender "on April 21st.
The reactions were indescribeable, 32.000 listenes wanted to know were you could buy the music .
This was Ernst Mosch's proof that his music , across borders, was very popular.
This was also the hour of birth of the  " Egerländer Musikanten "
Later it became "Ernst Mosch und seine Original Egerländer Musikanten.
One of his good fellow musicians was, arranger and singer  Franz Bummerl.
And Barbara Rosen the only women who became a very well seen and heard person.
This is freely translated from the inside of the LP "Portrait"  by my granddaughter Tessa.

                                      --- May 15 1999 ---

                              On this day, dies Ernst Mosch,
                       after a long and serious illness in hospital,                                                                                                                                                                      Städtischen krankenhaus Kaufbeuren

These pictures are from Mrs Ria Winkelman,
I could use these in my site.
Egerländer Musikanten Marsch

Farewell to Ernst Mosch:
Armin Rist : right
Klaus Reggel : left
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