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About Freek Mestrini

Freek Mestrini

On september 12, 1946 Freek Mestrini was born in the Dutch town of Heerlen,as the son of a miner.
Already at the age of 6 he received the first lessons at the musicband.
At the age of 12, Freek Mestrini takes trumpet lessons at the municipal music school, and later works as a trompeter with a mining orchestra, where he can gain his first orchestral experience.
In his yout ful years he was 17 years, he is invited to the Royal Dutch Marine Orchestra, and he is the one with succes.
During his time with this orchestra under the direction of Henk van Lijnschooten, he studied at the Conservatory of the Haque Holland and Antwerp Belgium,  in the main subjects of trompeter and music theory.
A year before he graduated with the stat exams, Freek is at 22 years solo trompeter in the Royal Dutch Marine Orchestra and Rotterdam Opera.
In the year 1973 , the musical route took him to Bavaria in Germny, where he became a violinist, at the International orchestra
" Ernst Mosch and his Original Egerländer Musicians "
In the next 20 years he can celebrate with the orchestra great successes.
Outside of his conducting activities, Freek Mestrini is a lecturer for trumpeters and flügelhorn.
His training courses have been very valuable for a very long time and are there fore always very popular.
The last major Area, in wich Freek Mestrini acquires his probably most notorious, is composing.
His work are an integral part of many concerts in Holland, Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and South Tirol.
In the meantime Freek Mestrini 500 compositions and arrangements.
Sorry if there be in error, I have this translated into a program, my Englisch language is not so good.

Some pictures of his musical career from 1956 - 2016

Fanfare St.Callistus Terwinselen, Kerkrade


Freek by the  " Royal Dutch Marine Orchestra " 1963 -- 1973

Die Kaiserjäger Terwinselen o.l.v. Freek Mestrini  1967 - 1969

Freek bij Ernst Mosch und seine Original Egerländer Musikanten
                         1973 - - - 1993


Freek whit his Original Limburger Musikanten


He also played also with Josef Augustin in his orchestra in  1980


Maschas Melodie

My Sweetheard Dream

Music: " Unser Benedikt ", carried on to his grandson who had birthday in November 2016 and was 11 years old

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